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Jake Hawkes
Current Location:45°F Jackson Hole, WY 12:26 AM MDT(Available 9am - 4pm MST, UTC-6)

I'm a web developer working for
clients with growth plans.
I'll update your WordPress site.Shopify management.Google Analytics.SEO & reports.sales reports.influencer programs.

I work with select clients focusing on growing their business with measurable results. I design, build, and maintain transactional WordPress and Shopify websites from concept to launch. I have a wide marketing toolkit which can be tailored to fit you growth goals. I will build your marketing tech solutions on a schedule which will increase your sales significantly. I would be more than happy discuss your business goals.

I have worked with brands, products, shopping, events, museums, galleries, publishers, realtors, municipalities, and federal agencies.

Accepting Clients for Website Design, Development, Maintenance, and Marketing Tech.
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